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Fonterra sustainability covenant

Fonterra and EPA Victoria entered into a sustainability covenant commencing on 01 August 2011. This covenant is a voluntary statutory agreement between the organisations, under section 49AA of the Environment Protection Act 1970.

Download the Fonterra sustainability covenant

The dairy industry is a significant part of the Victorian economy, and contributes to the global dairy market. Ensuring a viable future for the Victorian dairy industry means producing milk in a sustainable, lawful and safe way.

The overall objectives of this three year Covenant are to:

  • ensure the long-term viability of the dairy industry by delivering more sustainable products through the supply chain by improving rates of environmental compliance, improved processes and resource efficiency
  • leverage the organisational structures and respective roles of EPA and Fonterra to facilitate beneficial change for the dairy industry
  • leverage existing technology and knowledge to identify issues and provide solutions in complex supply chain and manufacturing systems.

About Fonterra

Fonterra is a global milk business. Fonterra’s vision is to be the natural source of dairy nutrition for everybody, everywhere, every day. Delivering this strategy focuses on four work streams which are designed to meet the challenges and opportunities faced by the dairy industry. These include:

  • health and safety
  • nutrition
  • environment, both on farm and in the supply chain
  • quality.

This covenant forms part of the environmental work stream of Fonterra ANZ’s Sustainability Strategy.

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