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Mecu sustainability covenant

In June 2008 EPA Victoria and mecu extended their highly successful sustainability covenant for a further three years to 2011. The decision to extend the partnership was made based on the success of the partnership, the tangible results realised over the three years, and the potential to create further innovative outcomes in the future.

On 8 November 2005, the Minister for Environment, the Hon. John Thwaites, launched EPA's sustainability covenant with mecu, Victoria's largest credit union. This was a three-year agreement to increase resource use efficiency and reduce ecological impact at mecu, as well as in the wider financial services sector.

What was the aim of this covenant?

The covenant aimed to help mecu achieve sustainability objectives and committed both EPA and mecu to certain actions in the areas of:

  • ethics and governance
  • employees
  • social impact
  • environmental impact, and
  • leadership and partnerships.

The successful partnership between EPA Victoria and mecu encouraged the parties to extend the covenant for a further three years to 2011.

What has mecu achieved?

Since the covenant was signed on 29 June 2005, significant outcomes have been achieved. This includes mecu's first three sustainability reports. All reports are a comprehensive account of mecu's activities in relation to the covenant and make use of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Guidelines. The  reports are available on mecu's website

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