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Industry association partners

EPA has entered into industry association partnerships with the following associations:

Plastics and Chemicals Industry Association (PACIA)

EPA and the Plastics and Chemicals Industry Association (PACIA) signed a voluntary sustainability covenant on 12 January 2004. PACIA is the peak body representing Australia's plastics and chemicals industries, the fourth largest manufacturing sector in the country. Half of PACIA's 260 members are based in Victoria. Through this covenant, PACIA and EPA will put in place initiatives that foster innovation and build capacity among plastics and chemicals companies to adopt sustainability issues at the core of decision-making processes in the industry.

Victorian Employers' Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VECCI)

'EPA and the Victorian Employers' Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VECCI) signed a voluntary sustainability covenant on 5 July 2006. This sustainability covenant is a public commitment by VECCI and EPA to work together to protect the environment and to contribute to a more sustainable Victoria. VECCI is Victoria's largest multi-industry employers' body servicing the needs of around 25,000 businesses across the State. It is a major facilitator of government services to business and leading education and professional training provider to its members

Australian Industry Group

EPA Victoria and the Australian Industry Group (Ai Group) signed a sustainability covenant on 31 August 2006 formalising their commitment to work together to support Ai Group’s 4000 Victorian member businesses to move further towards achieving environmentally sustainable business outcomes. This covenant falls under section 49AA of the Environment Protection Act 1970 and will operate for a period of three years supported by funding of $3 million.

For more information, please contact EPA's Business Sustainability Unit.

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