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City West Water Limited sustainability covenant

City West Water Limited and EPA Victoria entered their third Sustainability Covenant on 24 July 2009. This Covenant was a voluntary statutory agreement between the organisations, under section 49AA of the Environment Protection Act 1970.

Download the City West Water Limited sustainability covenant

Through this statutory partnership, City West Water and EPA Victoria worked together to

  • reduce environmental impacts associated with domestic clothes washing
  • assist City West Water to continue to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions through the  implementation of EPA Victoria’s Carbon Management Principles and to share information on the implementation of greenhouse gas management programs
  • streamline the Altona Treatment Plant licence, retaining and simplifying all compliance requirements into a single, easier to understand document.

As part of the Covenant, EPA and CWW completed a life cycle assessment (LCA) of domestic clothes washing. The aim of the study was to inform the development of potential programs which could assist CWW’s residential customers to reduce their environmental impact when washing and drying clothes.

The LCA and two associated reports were conducted by ARUP. The technical report details the LCA and findings. The assessment separated the clothes washing process into three phases: upstream, use and downstream. 

Download the Life Cycle Assessment of Domestic Clothes Washing – Technical Report (PDF 1.38MB)

The second report, the communications report, presents the key findings of the LCA of interest to CWW and was drawn from the technical report.

Download the Life Cycle Assessment of Domestic Clothes Washing – Communications Report (PDF 1.38MB)

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