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Clean Technology AustralAsia sustainability covenant

Supporting the development of business opportunities

On the 16 April 2007 EPA Victoria and Clean Technology AustralAsia (CTA) signed a Covenant agreeing to work together to accelerate the development and deployment of Victoria's clean technology industry throughout Australasia.

Download the Clean Technology AustralAsia Sustainability Covenant (PDF 226KB)

It is intended that this partnership will enhance the innovative clean technology (cleantech) capacities of Australia's investment, government and business community, who will, in turn, build the sustainability capabilities of the companies they work with. It aims to increase the resource efficiency and reduce the ecological impact of CTA's activities as well as the activities of those they work through:

  • collaborating to develop cleantech as a new industry in the State of Victoria
  • collaborating to accelerate the development and deployment of cleantech in Victoria, Australia and internationally
  • increasing the capacity of CTA to provide products and services;
  • increasing the capacity of the parties to influence the resource efficiency, business success and ecological impact of the communities, including business, government and non-government organisations that they work with.

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