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Global Footprint Network sustainability covenant

Advancing the science of sustainability

Global Footprint Network's vision is to make the Ecological Footprint as prominent a metric as the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The organisation is dedicated to advancing the scientific rigor and practical application of the Ecological Footprint, a tool that quantifies human demand on nature, and nature's capacity to meet these demands.

The sustainability covenant with Global Footprint Network aimed to help the Victorian community develop innovative strategies to one planet living and influence change.

Download the Global Footprint Network Sustainability Covenant (PDF 230KB)

Global Footprint Network and EPA Victoria entered into a Sustainability Covenant on September 3, 2008. This Covenant was a voluntary statutory agreement between the organisations, under section 49AA of the Environment Protection Act 1970.

EPA Victoria was a founding member of Global Footprint Network, and commends the Network’s commitment to incorporate the environment into decision-making and its efforts develop tools, resources and support to help businesses and individuals reduce their impact.

Key activities

Through this statutory partnership, Global Footprint Network and EPA Victoria worked together to:

  • Innovate in Ecological Footprint research, development and application
  • Build technical and communicative capabilities in Australia
  • Share knowledge and expand international sustainability networks
  • Promote the benefits achieved in applying Ecological Footprint
  • Advise and comment on development and proposed implementation of specific programs of both parties

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To calculate your Ecological Footprint or learn more about living within the ecological limits of one planet, visit EPA's Ecological Footprint calculator.

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