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Kangan Batman TAFE sustainability covenant

The Kangan Batman TAFE (KB TAFE) Sustainability Covenant is a public commitment by Kangan Batman TAFE and EPA Victoria to work together to protect the environment and contribute to a more sustainable Victoria. The covenant was signed on 15 December 2004 and operated for three years from that date.

Download the Kangan Batman TAFE Sustainability Covenant (PDF 109KB)

The covenant focuses on enabling Kangan Batman TAFE to develop a model of sustainable business practice for the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector. The intent is to harness the strengths of EPA and KB TAFE to enable cultural change within KB TAFE, so that all of its business is conducted in the context of sustainability, in particular education for sustainability.

Key messages

The covenant will provide a strong boost for achievement of Kangan Batman TAFE's vision – to be 'the learning partner of choice'. Through implementation of the covenant, KB TAFE wishes to be seen as a leader in the VET sector in integrating sustainability into businesses processes and curricula.

Key activities

  • Sustainable building design – Kangan Batman TAFE looked to implement innovative technology to achieve a five-star rating for energy efficiency design and construction of its newest building – the Automotive Centre of Excellence, constructed at Docklands.

  • The latest technology – Almost 100 per cent of the training of Victoria's heavy vehicle apprentices is carried out at KB TAFE. The technology of diesel engines, fuel and emissions control is undergoing rapid change in Australia, and the level of skill and knowledge in the repair and maintenance industry has to develop to keep pace. Kangan Batman TAFE has already forged a close relationship with EPA to lead the way in Australia via the EcoMaintenance course for diesel mechanics, and the establishment of a million-dollar diesel emissions test facility at the Automotive Centre of Excellence.

  • People – Dissemination of knowledge about sustainability issues and how this knowledge integrates with education and training programs is a key objective for training of staff
  • Courses – Kangan Batman TAFE has a significant and growing selection of courses specifically tagged as 'environmental', such as the EcoMaintenance training for diesel apprentices. Awareness and knowledge of environmental issues will also be incorporated into all other course streams.
  • Local community – Kangan Batman TAFE will look at how resource use can be shared within the community to reduce overall resource use. The TAFE aims to provide courses to the community on how environmental impacts can be reduced through everyday decisions and within their own houses.
  • Future – The business of education is an essential part of Australia's growing knowledge economy. Kangan Batman TAFE intends to become a model of sustainable business practice for the education sector and more widely across the community, and through this work to be recognised as a catalyst for change.

Download the Kangan Batman TAFE Sustainability Covenant Summary (PDF 72KB)

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