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Lend Lease sustainability covenant

The Lend Lease sustainability covenant concluded on 1 December 2005.

The sustainability covenant signed by Lend Lease Property Management Australia (LLPMA) and EPA on 2 December 2004 was a public commitment that both organisations will work together to protect and contribute to a more sustainable environment.

This covenant focused on enabling Lend Lease to develop a strategic approach to sustainability issues and to implement actions to support comprehensive cultural change, so that its business is conducted within the context of sustainability, in particular sustainable investment.

Download the Lend Lease Sustainability Covenant (PDF 1.9MB)

Some of the key activities undertaken through this covenant were:

  • implementation of framework to enhance long-term management of sustainable investment, including mechanisms for monitoring and public reporting of sustainable investment-related activities in a public format
  • encouragement of further uptake of corporate social responsibility in the listed property trust market through support of undertakings in sustainability reporting and broader stakeholder consultation
  • collaboration with retailers to trial and develop sustainability measurement tools for their businesses, including a retail-specific eco-footprint tool
  • a retailer recognition program to publicly reward the efforts of retailers in the area of sustainable business operations
  • trialling of embedded-technology pilot installations (including vertical composting technology, sewer mining and solar panels), either in new or existing assets
  • development of 'eco-leasing suites' for all new developments and potential retro-fitting for all centre management offices as eco-leasing suites, so that potential tenants can see energy and water efficient fittings in situ and more easily chose them for their tenancies.

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