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Waste management research

Would you like to collaborate on research with EPA?

EPA is starting an innovative research project about waste management. We plan to work with university partners and other science-based organisations to undertake the research.

We are looking to collaborate with researchers who have expertise in waste management.

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What is the focus of the project?

EPA has previously worked with university partners and other science-based organisations on research into waste management.

This new research project marks a new era in waste-related study for EPA, which will include direct collaboration with researchers. The project will focus on:

  • environmental and human health hazards associated with waste
  • a framework for the management the hazards from waste
  • risk-based assessment of waste.

As the volumes, chemical contaminants and the drive to find alternative uses for waste increase, the importance of waste research also increases. This program of work will bring together researchers from different disciplines and with different areas of expertise to deliver research outcomes that can be directly applicable to the work at EPA.

Through August and September, EPA will be releasing requests for proposals seeking researchers with expertise in certain waste-related areas to complete a number of projects.

EPA’s waste research

Focus area Examples
Waste policy and regulation Australian and international approaches to hazardous waste policy and regulation
Waste characterisation Chemical and physical analysis of various wastes
Waste and waste-derived products Use and analysis of commercial waste and waste-derived products
Waste management technologies Emerging technologies for the destruction or removal of contaminants from waste
Risk assessment Risks to the environment and human health from waste reuse applications

Waste management research focus areas

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