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  • Determination of odour concentration by dynamic olfactometry This guide has been developed to help licence holders and consulting analysts to obtain and report reproducible odour measurements. To be used in conj...
    • Category Guideline, Odour
    • Publication number: 1666.1
    • Release date: 17 Oct 2018
    • Format: pdf
  • Wind energy facility noise auditor guidelines These guidelines have been prepared to assist environmental auditors appointed under the Environment Protection Act 1970 (the EP Act) to conduct audit...
    • Category Environmental Auditing, Guideline, Noise
    • Publication number: 1692
    • Release date: 3 Oct 2018
    • Format: pdf
  • Response to comments: Residential Noise Regulations Response to comments: EPA invited public submissions on the proposed changes to the regulatory impact statement (“RIS”) for the Environment Protection...
    • Category Noise
    • Publication number: 1714
    • Release date: 3 Oct 2018
    • Format: pdf
  • Keilor/Keilor East: PFAS in impacted waterways EPA Victoria is currently investigating waterways including Arundel Creek, Steele Creek, Deep Creek, Jackson Creek and the Maribyrnong River upstream ...
    • Category Fact sheet, Water
    • Publication number: 1715
    • Release date: 21 Sep 2018
    • Format: pdf
  • Air quality around the West Footscray industrial fire Air quality observations and data summary for the West Footscray industrial fire....
    • Category Air, Air Quality Monitoring, Fact sheet
    • Publication number: 1712
    • Release date: 7 Sep 2018
    • Format: pdf
  • Waterways around the West Footscray industrial fire EPA, local government and MFB officers are working to contain the flow of fire water used to battle the West Footscray fire but significant run-off ha...
    • Category Fact sheet, Water, Water Quality/Water Ecosystem Monitoring
    • Publication number: 1713
    • Release date: 7 Sep 2018
    • Format: pdf
  • After a fire: cleaning up a smoke-affected home If your home has been damaged by fire or smells of smoke from bushfires you should follow these instructions....
    • Category Air, Information Bulletin
    • Publication number: 1711
    • Release date: 30 Aug 2018
    • Format: pdf
  • Air pollution in Victoria – a summary of the state of knowledge Victoria’s air quality has improved significantly over recent decades and is considered good by world standards. However, air pollution remains an imp...
    • Category Air
    • Publication number: 1709
    • Release date: 27 Aug 2018
    • Format: pdf
  • Landlords and agents fact sheet: Storage and abandonment of waste This fact sheet helps commercial landlords and real estate agents to understand the risks associated with stockpiled and abandoned waste and the requi...
    • Category Illegal dumping, Information Bulletin, Land, Waste
    • Publication number: 1680.1
    • Release date: 14 Aug 2018
    • Format: pdf
  • Fact sheet: OPLE pilot program As part of its response to the independent inquiry into EPA, the Victorian Government has committed $6.47 million to implement a pilot program of Offi...
    • Category About EPA, Authorised officers, Community Information, Information Bulletin, Local government
    • Publication number: 1685.1
    • Release date: 6 Aug 2018
    • Format: pdf

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