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  • Toolkit for the management of solid waste from civil and construction & demolition sites This toolkit is designed for procurement officers and construction project managers in the Victorian Public Service who work on contracts that involve...
    • Category Waste
    • Publication number: 1655
    • Release date: 28 Jul 2017
    • Format: pdf
  • Coolaroo fire Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) is supporting the Metropolitan Fire Brigade (MFB) to respond to a fire at SKM Recycling and Waste Mana...
    • Category Air, Air Quality Monitoring, Community Information, Information Bulletin
    • Publication number: 1664
    • Release date: 14 Jul 2017
    • Format: pdf
  • Approvals proposal pathway The approvals proposal pathway guideline supports approval applicants to complete the approvals proposal form and pathway form. Applicants can use the...
    • Category Guideline
    • Publication number: 1560.2
    • Release date: 26 Jun 2017
    • Format: pdf
  • Designing, constructing and operating composting facilities The guideline outlines how the Environment Protection Act 1970 and associated policies and Regulations are applied to the assessment of proposals for ...
    • Category Composting facilities, Guideline, Waste
    • Publication number: 1588.1
    • Release date: 26 Jun 2017
    • Format: pdf
  • Selected scheduled premises prompt sheets This publication replaces Section 3 of Works approval application guideline (publication 1307.10), which has been updated and split into 3 new publica...
    • Category Guideline, Licences and approvals, Prompt sheets
    • Publication number: 1659
    • Release date: 26 Jun 2017
    • Format: pdf
  • Asbestos transport and disposal Asbestos – particularly friable asbestos – poses health risks during removal, transport and disposal. It is important, therefore, that it be handled a...
    • Category Guideline, Industrial waste resource guidelines, Regulation, Transport and Motor Vehicles, Waste
    • Publication number: IWRG611.2
    • Release date: 26 Jun 2017
    • Format: pdf
  • EPA’s works approval assessment process - Information bulletin This publication gives an overview of the works approval process. It replaces the Introduction and Section 1 of Works approval application guideline (...
    • Category Guideline, Information Bulletin, Licences and approvals
    • Publication number: 1657
    • Release date: 26 Jun 2017
    • Format: pdf
  • Works approval application guideline This guideline explains what information is required in a works approval application. It replaces Section 2 of Works approval application guideline (p...
    • Category Guideline, Licences and approvals
    • Publication number: 1658
    • Release date: 26 Jun 2017
    • Format: pdf
  • Community Update: Sunshine groundwater investigation EPA has investigated groundwater contamination in the Sunshine area with a focus on the former Massey Ferguson site (also known as the Sunshine Harves...
    • Category Community Information, Contaminated environments, Groundwater, Water
    • Publication number: 1650
    • Release date: 19 Jun 2017
    • Format: pdf
  • Response to comments on proposed Environment Protection (Scheduled Premises) Regulations 2017 A summary of key comments by stakeholders in response to the Regulatory Impact Statement – Proposed Environment Protection (Scheduled Premises) Regula...
    • Category Regulation, Report
    • Publication number: 1656
    • Release date: 15 Jun 2017
    • Format: pdf

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