Ozone monitoring at Pakenham, August 2002 to June 2003

As part of EPA’s air monitoring plan for Victoria, EPA conducted a study at Pakenham to investigate ozone levels in the outer southeast suburbs of Melbourne. Ozone is the main constituent of photochemical smog and affects Melbourne’s air quality. After monitoring for almost a year, including the high ozone season, it was found that ozone at Pakenham was not higher or markedly different in character than elsewhere in Melbourne. No exceedences of the ozone objectives were recorded, with levels typically lower than most other parts of the Melbourne-Geelong region. There is currently no demonstrated need for a permanent air monitoring station to be established in the outer southeast of Melbourne for ozone.
  • Publication Number: 934
  • Category(s): Air, Environment Report
  • Number of pages: 9
  • Release Date: 10 Dec 2003

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