State Environment Protection Policy (Waters of Victoria) – Policy impact assessment

Victoria’s water environments are diverse and are among Victoria’s most valuable assets. Our unique rivers, wetlands, estuaries and coasts are home to millions of creatures, from tiny plankton to fish, dolphins, birds and whales, including animals that migrate to Victoria each year from across the globe. State environment protection policies (SEPPs) help to protect water environments by providing a ‘blueprint’ of agreed environmental outcomes and strategic directions for protecting Victoria’s water. They enable us, as a community, to set the uses and values of water that we want to protect, to set ‘goal-posts’ so we know when they are protected and to provide clear guidance on what we need to do to protect them. This Policy Impact Assessment replaces the draft Policy Impact Assessment released in December 2001 (EPA Publication 795). A copy of the SEPP is available through
  • Publication Number: 905
  • Category(s): Policy Impact Assessment, Water
  • Number of pages: 101
  • Release Date: 4 Jun 2003

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