Policy impact assessment – Waste Management Policy (Siting, Design and Management of Landfills)

Landfills are an important part of Victoria's waste management infrastructure. Whist landfills represent the least preferred waste management option, they will continue to be required in the foreseeable future to manage those wastes that cannot currently be recycled or reused. The Waste management policy (Siting, Design and Management of Landfills) updates and refines Victoria's established framework for the siting, operation and rehabilitation of landfills. This Policy Impact Assessment provides an explanation of the policy, why it is needed and the key impacts of adopting the policy. It replaces the draft Policy Impact Assessment released in November 2003 (EPA Publication 921). A copy of the policy is available from
  • Publication Number: 968
  • Category(s): Waste
  • Number of pages: 56
  • Release Date: 17 Dec 2004

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