EPA Industry Greenhouse Program – The story so far A report evaluating the commitments made and the expected achievements of the program.

The report, prepared by an independent consultant, describes EPA Victoria's industry greenhouse program and evaluates its expected achievements, based on commitments made by industry in approved action plans. The program, a part of the Government's Victorian Greenhouse Strategy, has required industries to evaluate their energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions. Those exceeding defined threshold values were then required to undertake energy audits and prepare action plans to implement those energy reduction opportunities that would pay back within 3 years or less. The report evaluates the expected energy and greenhouse reductions in a number of ways, including by industry sector, by type of action taken, and by payback period.
  • Publication Number: 1035
  • Category(s): Air, Greenhouse & Ozone Issues, Information Bulletin
  • Number of pages: 37
  • Release Date: 17 Feb 2006

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