Air monitoring report 2006 – Compliance with the National Environment Protection (Ambient Air) Measure

This report presents the results of air quality monitoring in Victoria and assesses this against the requirements of the Ambient Air Quality National Environment Protection Measure (AAQ NEPM). In addition, EPA also produces an annual air quality report for a more general audience. The major impact on Victoria’s air quality in 2006 came from the bushfires experienced in January and December. These fires led to an atypically high number of days when the particle standards were not met and an increase in the number of exceedences of the ozone standards. At other times, Victoria’s air was generally clean. Windblown dust and accumulation of combustion particles in calm, highly stable air also resulted in some additional days when the particle standards were not met.
  • Publication Number: 1137
  • Category(s): Air, Air Quality Monitoring, Environment Report
  • Number of pages: 34
  • Release Date: 29 Jun 2007

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