AirWatch - Who cares about our air?

Clean air is one of our most precious resources because it is essential to our survival and to our quality of life. AirWatch is an exciting resource for teachers and students involving collaborative, inquiry-based learning. Students have the opportunity to experience real scientific endeavour using hands-on monitoring of their local air. This is a resource for primary school teachers. Note that two PDFs are placed on this page: a high-resolution one (1261.pdf; 15MB) for printing and a low-resolution file (1261 lr.pdf; 4.5MB) for viewing on screen. Both have two front cover pages, one for use in metropolitan schools and one for country use.
  • Publication Number: 1261
  • Category(s): Air, Air Quality Monitoring, Greenhouse & Ozone Issues
  • Number of pages: 110
  • Release Date: 9 Dec 2008

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