How EPA responds to reports of pollution

EPA officers review pollution reports to assess the risk to the environment, using information about the circumstances of the event and whether there have been any previous, related incidents. Based on this assessment, our officers then decide on an appropriate response. This publication will help you understand what happens when a pollution report has been made to EPA. For web browsing please view publication 1566. For a low resolution printed version on A4 size, please use 1566 A4 Print. Hardcopies of this brochure will be available upon request from August 2014 by contacting EPA Victoria on 1300 EPA VIC (1300 372 842).
  • Publication Number: 1566
  • Category(s): About EPA, Authorised officers, Community Information, Information Bulletin
  • Number of pages: 8
  • Release Date: 20 Jun 2014

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