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  • Year 3 of air monitoring at Brooklyn (November 2011 to October 2012) As part of its commitment to making Brooklyn livable, EPA continues to monitor air quality. Monitoring began in October 2009, and this bulletin report...
    • Category Air, Air Quality Monitoring, Community Information
    • Publication number: 1552
    • Release date: 1 Oct 2013
    • Format: pdf
  • EPA Annual Report 2012–13 EPA's 2012–13 Annual Report highlights our key achievements against the commitments made in our annual plan as we strive to realise our vision of ‘a h...
    • Category About EPA, Compliance
    • Publication number: 1548
    • Release date: 20 Sep 2013
    • Format: pdf
  • Energy from waste EPA has released a draft guideline on Energy from Waste, consistent with the Victorian Government’s Getting full value: the Victorian Waste and Resour...
    • Category Best practice, Discussion paper, Draft guidelines, Resource Efficiency, Waste
    • Publication number: 1549
    • Release date: 6 Sep 2013
    • Format: pdf
  • Air monitoring at Morwell East (February 2012 – May 2013) This report summarizes the air monitoring results from February 2012 to May 2013 at Morwell East and Traralgon.The levels of the air pollutants measur...
    • Category Air, Air Quality Monitoring, Environment Report
    • Publication number: 1547
    • Release date: 2 Sep 2013
    • Format: pdf
  • Accredited agent authorisation – application An accredited agent is a person or company authorised by EPA Victoria to carry out certain functions on behalf of a waste producer. Accredited agent ...
    • Category Industrial waste resource guidelines, Waste
    • Publication number: IWRG812.4
    • Release date: 15 Aug 2013
    • Format: pdf
  • Environment Protection (Vehicle Emissions) Regulations – regulatory impact statement This RIS has been prepared to facilitate public consultation on the proposed Environment Protection (Vehicle Emissions) Regulations 2013. A copy of th...
    • Category Air, Regulatory Impact Statement
    • Publication number: 1543
    • Release date: 13 Aug 2013
    • Format: pdf
  • Review of the Environment Protection (Vehicle Emissions) Regulations This 2 page factsheet provides: a summary of the review of the Environment Protection (Vehicle Emissions) Regulations, what the Regulatory Impact Stat...
    • Category Air, Regulation
    • Publication number: 1544
    • Release date: 13 Aug 2013
    • Format: pdf
  • EPA Annual Plan 2013–14 EPA produces an annual plan to outline our priorities, key activities and the budgeted expenditure we commit to as part of delivering our 5 Year Plan....
    • Category About EPA
    • Publication number: 1542
    • Release date: 1 Aug 2013
    • Format: pdf
  • EPA Annual Compliance Plan 2013–14 The Annual Compliance Plan describes how EPA delivers the compliance work of our 5 Year Plan and Annual Plan. It informs Victorians of EPA’s planned a...
    • Category About EPA, Compliance, Enforcement
    • Publication number: 1541
    • Release date: 1 Aug 2013
    • Format: pdf
  • Foam in Darebin Creek: EPA–CAPIM–Council joint investigation Darebin Creek experienced frequent pollution in the form of detergent foam in the first half of 2012. This caused fish deaths and analysis of creek ...
    • Category Information Bulletin, Water, Water Quality/Water Ecosystem Monitoring
    • Publication number: 1537
    • Release date: 29 Jul 2013
    • Format: pdf

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