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  • After a fire: asbestos hazards During a fire, the amount of asbestos fibres released into the air is relatively low. However, pieces of asbestos material and some fibres may remain ...
    • Category Air, Air Quality Monitoring, Contaminated environments, Fact sheet
    • Publication number: 1719.1
    • Release date: 20 Dec 2018
    • Format: pdf
  • Annual Report 2017–2018 This Annual Report looks back on Environment Protection Authority Victoria’s (EPA) performance in 2017–18 and the delivery of year one of its organisa...
    • Category About EPA
    • Publication number: 1708
    • Release date: 19 Dec 2018
    • Format: pdf
  • Australian Paper waste to energy works approval decision Paper Australia Pty Ltd (trading as Australian Paper) has proposed construction of a ‘moving grate’ waste to energy facility at its Maryvale site, in ...
    • Category Community Information, Report, Waste
    • Publication number: 1717
    • Release date: 29 Nov 2018
    • Format: pdf
  • A review of the scientific literature on potential health effects in local communities associated with air emissions from Waste to Energy facilities EPA commissioned Environmental Risk Sciences (enRiskS) to provide an understanding of research on potential health effects in local communities from w...
    • Category Report, Victoria's future environment, Waste
    • Publication number: 1718
    • Release date: 29 Nov 2018
    • Format: pdf
  • Annoyed by noise? This booklet can help you find the best ways to address common residential noise issues.This replaces publication 406.7, issued October 2017. Members ...
    • Category Community Information, Local government, Noise
    • Publication number: 406.8
    • Release date: 2 Nov 2018
    • Format: pdf
  • Management and storage of combustible recyclable and waste materials – guideline This guideline provides practical guidance on how to comply with the Waste Management Policy (Combustible Recyclable and Waste Materials). The policy ...
    • Category Guideline, Waste
    • Publication number: 1667.2
    • Release date: 30 Oct 2018
    • Format: pdf
  • Annual Plan 2018-19 This annual plan outlines our priorities and key activities for 2018–19. This page also contains the 2018-20 Statement of Expectations for EPA from ...
    • Category About EPA
    • Publication number: 1704
    • Release date: 22 Oct 2018
    • Format: pdf
  • Determination of odour concentration by dynamic olfactometry This guide has been developed to help licence holders and consulting analysts to obtain and report reproducible odour measurements. To be used in conj...
    • Category Guideline, Odour
    • Publication number: 1666.1
    • Release date: 17 Oct 2018
    • Format: pdf
  • Wind energy facility noise auditor guidelines These guidelines have been prepared to assist environmental auditors appointed under the Environment Protection Act 1970 (the EP Act) to conduct audit...
    • Category Environmental Auditing, Guideline, Noise
    • Publication number: 1692
    • Release date: 3 Oct 2018
    • Format: pdf
  • Response to comments: Residential Noise Regulations Response to comments: EPA invited public submissions on the proposed changes to the regulatory impact statement (“RIS”) for the Environment Protection...
    • Category Noise
    • Publication number: 1714
    • Release date: 3 Oct 2018
    • Format: pdf

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