Setting and reviewing standards

Waste Management Policy (Solid Fuel Heating) variation

This Waste Management Policy sets a framework for protecting our air environment from woodsmoke pollution.

Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) commenced a review of the Waste Management Policy (Solid Fuel Heating) 2004, with the intention of varying the policy.

The purpose of the variation is to incorporate a power output and efficiency standard for newly manufactured solid-fuel heaters (based on Australian Standards AS/NZS 4012:2014). This will require all wood heaters newly manufactured or supplied in Victoria after the adoption of the Standard to have a minimum certified efficiency of 55 per cent from the time the standard is adopted, and of 60 per cent from August 2019. The policy already incorporates the emission standard (AS/NZS 4013:2014).

Along with some minor amendments, this review also considers the most appropriate way to ensure that newly manufactured and sold solid-fuel heaters meet these standards, and that manufacturers and suppliers of solid fuel heaters can demonstrate their products are compliant.

Consultation now open

After researching and consulting with various stakeholders a policy impact assessment has been prepared along with a consolidated draft of the policy.

Public consultation on the policy impact assessment and the associated draft waste management policies is open until 5pm Wednesday 16 May. EPA would like to hear from all interested stakeholders, particularly those in the solid-fuel heater industry, to consider how they may be affected by the proposed variation.

If you would like to make a submission or require further information please email:

Your input may be made public. If you would like your contribution to remain confidential, please mark this clearly in your comments.

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