Illegal waste disposal (also called illegally dumped waste) can make the environment look and feel unsafe, and can be harmful to the community and the environment. It’s against the law to illegally dump or dispose of waste.

Household waste dumping ranges from a single bag of domestic waste, to trailer loads of hard waste including discarded whitegoods, furniture and bedding. High-risk materials like asbestos have been illegally dumped in areas accessible to the general public.

Hotspots include:

  • roadsides and rural rest areas
  • gullies
  • bushland
  • vacant properties
  • parks, council or Crown land
  • charity bins
  • railway reserves and train station car parks.

Illegal waste disposal is expensive and costs us all financially. Some councils have recorded costs of up to $100,000 a year to clean up waste.

Household waste dumping is often investigated by your local council, VicRoads, rail authorities, Parks Victoria and other government agencies.

You can report illegal waste disposal to EPA Victoria.

Waste and chemical offences

Dumping waste on any premises not licensed for this purpose is an offence. Dumping includes burying or stockpiling waste. It is illegal whether it occurs on public or privately owned land.

Inadequate storage or handling of chemicals or waste is also considered to be a dumping offence.

How to legally dispose of waste materials

Sustainability Victoria provides information about safely disposing:

Find a landfill that accepts asbestos

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Reviewed 23 August 2020