Your business’s EPA licence may include the condition ‘G2 Licence non-compliance and notification’.

This means you must tell EPA right away if you don’t comply with a licence condition. This includes:

  • any discharge to air, water or land your licence doesn’t cover
  • an immediate threat to the environment or human health
  • any event that may affect neighbours or cause them to complain
  • any other breach of your licence.

Report licence non-compliance to us by:

If you don’t have a Portal account, you must register for one. It will take up to three business days for your account to activate. You’ll need to give us:

  • your EPA licence number
  • your site’s details
  • any licence condition that you’ve breached
  • details of the incident and size of the issue
  • the name and number of an onsite contact person.
Report licence non compliance infographic

Reporting emergencies

Call 000 if the incident you’re reporting is an emergency. For example, a fire or major hazardous spill. The attending service will tell us if we need to provide an emergency response. 

EPA environment protection officers

Even if the incident isn’t an emergency, it may still cause a negative impact on the environment. Our environment protection officers can give advice to help you clean up the site. EPA may also contact you about any follow-up needed and ways to prevent future discharges.

Further licence duties

You must manage any major environmental impact your non-compliance causes. You must also tell neighbours or other community members if your non-compliance will affect them.

Future events at your site may cause temporary licence non-compliance or public concern. You can tell us about events such as:

  • plant shutdowns
  • flaring incidents
  • night works.

You must record details of any non-compliance or EPA notifications.

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Reviewed 20 December 2019