Smog alerts for Melbourne

EPA has developed a smog alert system to forecast smog days. Smog forecasts are based on:

  • meteorological data and forecasts from the Bureau of Meteorology
  • pollutant data recorded by EPA’s air monitoring network.

Smog alerts are issued to the media the day before a potential episode. The media are requested to include smog alerts in weather segments and on the front page of daily newspapers.

You can subscribe to the EPA Smog Alert Notification (a free service) through EPA Victoria website or check homepage for any current alerts.

What do smog alerts mean?

EPA Victoria issues alerts to protect public health. On smog alert days:

  • we ask industry to minimise emissions as much as possible
  • we ask motorists to take public transport rather than drive their cars
  • we urge householders not to burn off outdoors or light incinerators (most local councils have restrictions on burning off); if an alternative source of heating is available, we ask residents not to use solid fuel heaters.


Page last updated on 8 Jul 2012