Bushfire waste disposal

In the event of a bushfire, landowners and authorities may be required to dispose of perished stock or large quantities of building rubble. The proper disposal of bushfire waste is an important health and environmental consideration.

Dead stock and animals

EPA encourages the removal of dead stock to rendering facilities or landfills, however EPA understands that this is not always an option. EPA has previously assisted a number of councils to establish mass stock burial sites and these should be used wherever possible. Please contact your local council for more information.

In areas where stock cannot be moved to a landfill or an approved burial site, they should be disposed of by burial in accordance with our brochure What to do with farm wastes (publication 1049).

The burning of dead stock must be avoided unless instructed by the Department of Environment and Primary Industries (DPI). If concerned about animal health or wellbeing please contact your  local animal health or welfare officer within DPI. Landholders can be connected to DPI services in their area by calling the Victorian bushfire information line on 1800 240 667.

Building rubble

Building rubble from bushfires mainly consists of a mixture of brick, concrete, asphalt and timber. This waste should be disposed of to a landfill licensed to receive solid inert waste. Building rubble should not be deposited to land, such as farms or gullies, without approval from EPA.

Contact EPA on 1300 EPA VIC (1300 872 842) if this needs to occur.

Page last updated on 9 Sep 2014