EPA operates under the Environment Protection Act 2017  (the Act) to meet the environmental challenges facing Victoria.

It’s our commitment to work with Victorians to deliver that vision.

We are now using the enhanced powers from the Act to prevent risks to the environment and human health. We are also able to issue stronger sanctions and penalties to hold environmental polluters to account.

The general environmental duty (GED) is a centrepiece of the laws. It applies to all Victorians. If you conduct activities that pose a risk to human health and the environment, you must understand those risks. You must also take reasonably practicable steps to eliminate or minimise them. In an Australian first, the GED is criminally enforceable.

Contact us if you have questions about subordinate legislation and industry guidance development, or to get involved.

You can also contact us with general questions about the laws.

Protecting the environment and human health

Change for the better

Reducing harm from pollution and waste

Tools and support to manage risk

Reviewed 16 September 2022