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EPA Victoria owns the copyright in all material on this website unless specified otherwise.

All material provided on this website is provided under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 international licence, with the exception of:

  • any images, photographs or branding, including the EPA Victoria Logo and the Victorian Government logo
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The licence conditions are available on the Creative Commons website.


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Third party copyright

In some cases, a third party may hold copyright in material presented on this website. Their permission may be required to use the material.

Use of our logo

We own the trademark for our EPA Victoria logo. Without our written consent, you can’t use all or part of it in any way. This includes:  

  • copying  
  • changing  
  • uploading 
  • posting online 
  • print publishing 
  • any kind of distribution. 

It is against the law to falsely claim EPA endorses your company or service. 

How to request to use our logo

Make a request to use our logo in writing to contact@epa.vic.gov.au. We may ask you to provide us samples of how you plan to use our logo. 

When deciding if you can use our logo, we assess: 

  • whether your planned use fits our reputation as Victoria’s environmental regulator 
  • the current or planned relationship between you and EPA 
  • whether your visual display and design standards are good quality 
  • any implied relationship or endorsement that would result from you using our logo 
  • any risks to EPA if we approve, or don’t approve, your planned use. 

When you apply to use our logo, you agree: 

  • to follow our Corporate Style Guide when using our logo; we give you this guide if we allow you to use our logo 
  • to use our logo only for your named purpose and an agreed time period 
  • to only use our logo in the format we give it to you. This means you can’t change it in any way except for your resizing needs 
  • to give a copy of your document with our logo on it to EPA’s Strategic Communications Unit for approval before publication and distribution. 

Using our logo in co-branding

We can approve our logo for use in co-branding activities. These are activities that use our logo along with other organisations’ logos. This can include: 

  • events 
  • joint projects between EPA and another organisation. 

You can only use our logo in a co-branding activity in the way our Corporate Style Guide describes. 

Contact us

Enquiries about copyright and use of the material on this website can be directed to:

EPA IP Policy 
Environment Protection Authority Victoria
Email: contact@epa.vic.gov.au


Reviewed 30 June 2020