What it contains

This guide supports the civil construction, building and demolition industries to eliminate or reduce the risk of harm to human health and the environment through good environmental practice.

It is especially relevant if your work involves activities that include:

  • land development
  • commercial and residential building
  • civil construction
  • subdivision
  • demolition
  • decommissioning
  • earthworks
  • maintenance, repair and renovation of existing structures
  • other construction trades.

This guide replaces the following publications:

  • Environmental guidelines for major construction sites (publication 480, February 1996)
  • Doing it right on subdivisions: Temporary environmental protection measures for subdivision construction sites (publication 960, September 2004)
  • Reducing stormwater pollution from construction sites (publication 981, May 2005)
  • Noise control guidelines (Section 2) (publication 1254, October 2008)
  • Noise from large residential subdivision or urban development sites (publication 1264, November 2008)
Publication number
Construction; Major infrastructure projects; Noise
Number of pages
Release date
12 September 2023

Reviewed 2 October 2023