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This technical guideline is for those who treat sewage and use recycled water.  Recycled water is also known as water recycling or reclaimed wastewater. In this guideline, we refer to them as recycled water.  

If you treat wastewater and use recycled water in surface waters, you will need to get a permission from EPA. We review applications to ensure the protection of public health and the environment. 

This guideline describes recycled water use in surface waters. It tells you what permission and what information you need to give EPA to apply for a permission. The guideline applies to permission applicants who conduct an A03 Sewage Treatment activity. This can include water corporations or other facilities that treat sewage and produce and use recycled water. 

Under the general environmental duty, all Victorians:

  • must manage risks to human health and the environment 
  • take steps to prevent or minimise those risks, so far as reasonably practicable.

Recycled water producers and users also need to:

  • ensure recycled water is suitable for its intended purpose
  • consider both human health and the environment.

The Victorian Government encourages safe and sustainable recycled water use for non-drinking purposes. One use of recycled water in surface waters is to improve waterway flows. This permissioned use helps maintain good waterway health. 


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Victorian guideline for water recycling (publication 1910)

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Water corporations and facilities that treat sewage and produce and use recycled water
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26 February 2024
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