What it contains

The ERDS guidance is for wastewater experts who understand how these systems work. 

This includes people who: 

  • design the systems 
  • install the systems 
  • check if the land is suitable for the systems. 

This guide can also help people who make planning decisions and regulators to assess permit applications for onsite wastewater systems under 5,000 litres. 

This guide gives technical information about EDRS on: 

  • how to choose, design, install, check, build, use, and fix EDRS 
  • how to look at the risks when selecting and installing the system 
  • the types, categories, and performance standards on laws and rules to use them safely.

By using the guidance you will help prevent harm to the environment and human health from wastewater.  

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Target audience
onsite wastewater professionals, councils and other regulators, water corporations, property owners and occupiers
Number of pages
Release date
22 May 2024
Reading level
Grade 13
Document version

Reviewed 22 May 2024