We oversee the environmental audit system. This includes the appointment of environmental auditors under the Environment Protection Act 2017. EPA appoints auditors for a period of up to 3 years.

EPA issues guidelines for environmental auditors that cover: 

An auditor can undertake either preliminary risk screen assessments (PRSA) or environmental audits. Once complete, the environmental auditor will prepare a report and a statement. The auditor provides these to whoever requests the PRSA or environmental audit. Copies must also be provided to EPA.

The planning authority and the responsible authority may also be provided with copies.

Monitoring environmental auditor performance

EPA has a quality assurance program to check the performance of environmental auditors. The program:

  • undertakes select reviews of completed PRSA and environmental audit statements and reports
  • considers the performance of environmental auditors in their other auditor functions
  • checks environmental auditors conduct environmental audits only within their field of expertise. This may include the expertise of their support team.

If EPA has concerns about an environmental auditors conduct or the quality of their work, EPA may:

  • issue penalties for providing false or misleading information, or
  • regulate the conduct, including suspension or revocation of an appointment.

What EPA isn’t responsible for

EPA does not:

  • control the progress of PRSA’s or environmental audits once they begin. These are independent processes.
  • select or engage an environmental auditor to undertake an environmental audit.

EPA may enforce environmental audit statement recommendations. EPA can do this through issuing a remedial notice or order.

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Reviewed 4 July 2023