EPA has gone through our biggest change since we began in 1971.

The latest environmental laws came into effect on 1 July 2021. They give EPA more powers and tools to prevent risks to the environment and human health. They also allow us to issue stronger sanctions to hold polluters to account.

The general environmental duty (GED) is central to the laws. It requires all Victorians to manage risks to human health and the environment that their activities create. Everyone must take steps to prevent or minimise those risks. For businesses, this may be things like correctly managing waste or storing chemicals safely. For individuals, this may be things like making sure rubbish from your renovations goes to the correct place or keeping household chemicals out of stormwater drains.

EPA also has more tools and stronger powers to enforce the law and make sure people comply.

We’ve created guidance to help businesses and individuals comply with the GED. We’re also using our website, face-to-face meetings, workshops and surveys to keep people informed about their responsibilities.

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Reviewed 4 July 2022