What you need to include in your request

All strategic planning requests must include the following:

  • a description of the relevant circumstances under Clause 2 of the Direction
  • a description of the strategic planning matter including, any draft local policy, supporting plans and other relevant documentation
  • existing and proposed zones, overlays and land uses
  • previous and nearby industrial land uses
  • any previous advice from EPA about this matter
  • council, associated stakeholder or proponent contact details
  • your response to relevant guidelines and legal requirements, including Ministerial Directions and Planning Practice Notes
  • an assessment of risk, including any technical assessments to support proposal.

Assessment for contaminated land

If the proposal is on or near contaminated land, include the following:

  • planning or building permit history
  • council records such as rates records
  • aerial photos
  • adjacent land uses
  • previous zoning or overlays
  • justification on how the amendment complies with potentially contaminated land guidance and policy
  • any reports that document investigations, assessments, sampling, or validation of the subject site by an environmental consultant or environmental auditor
  • any environmental assessment reports or environmental audits of nearby land
  • any known or potential contamination on nearby properties or groundwater
  • evidence that the land can be remediated to a level that would make it suitable for the proposed use, such as a clean-up plan or site remediation strategy.

If you’ve assessed that the land is not potentially contaminated, state this in the amendment documentation.

What you need to submit to EPA in your Buffer Area Overlay (BAO) application

When proposing the application of the BAO the proponent should include:

  • a documented history of compliance with all relevant laws, regulations and standards (and any applicable licences or approvals) relating to offsite impacts or land use compatibility, such as those administered by EPA Victoria and other relevant authorities
  • information to demonstrate that all reasonably practicable measures to minimise future offsite impacts have been considered and exhausted
  • consideration of potential unintended offsite impacts.

How to submit your request to EPA

When your request is ready, email it with all your supporting documents to stratplan@epa.vic.gov.au.

What happens next

We aim to provide a preliminary response within 10 business days indicating one of the following:

  • we do not consider significant risks to be present and have no further comment
  • we need more information
  • we have views on the proposal; or
  • our assessment is that the request requires a detailed response. In this case, we’ll work with the planning authority to ensure project timelines are maintained where possible.

Our planning officers may sometimes need to consult our environmental experts. When this occurs, EPA officers will work with the planning authority to communicate expected delays.

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Reviewed 27 February 2023