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Public input is central to how EPA administers the Environment Protection Act 1970. We invite public comment via email or post on works approval applications and licence applications.

When works approval applications are available for public comment, EPA must advertise them in a state-wide newspaper. You can also view them at:

EPA may hold a public meeting to discuss a works approval or licence application. We must consider comments made during the meeting in our decision-making process.

Members of the public can appeal to the Victorian Civil Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) against a works approval or licensing decision.

EPA keeps information on the website after the public comment period if an application:

  • has high community interest
  • is subject to an appeal.

We call these featured works approvals.

Comment on or appeal against works approvals and licences

How to comment on works approval or licensing applications

Current applications open for comment

How to appeal against a works approval and licence decision

Featured works approvals

More about featured works approvals

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Reviewed 19 December 2019