Applicant: Adventures Victoria Pty Ltd
Activity site: 655 Knowsley-Eppalock Road, Knowsley, 3523
Application number: APP011612
Adventures Victoria Pty Ltd has applied for a development licence, as part of the redevelopment of the Lakeshore Caravan Park on the shores of Lake Eppalock. 

What does the application propose?

Adventures Victoria Pty Ltd (Applicant) is proposing to redevelop the existing Lakeshore Caravan Park (Park) site at 655 Knowsley-Eppalock Road, Knowsley, 3523 to offer accommodation and recreation facilities.

The nearest available reticulated water and sewer supply is approximately 10 km away in Axedale and the Applicant has determined it is not feasible to connect to these services due to both distance and insufficient capacity available for a development of this size to connect to these services. Therefore, the Park redevelopment will include the management of all water and wastewater needed to service the site.

A new sewerage system will be installed to collect the wastewater produced from all facilities which will be pumped to a new wastewater treatment plant (WWTP), to be constructed on the site in an area previously used for wastewater disposal. All treated water (recycled water) will then be used for irrigation within the site via a sub-surface irrigation system. During the winter months, recycled water will be stored in a winter storage lagoon prior to irrigation.

The Park is expected to treat more than 5,000 L/day, hence the need for this development licence application.

The full application can be found in the Supporting documents section of this page.

Latest updates

Submissions close

The public submission and comment period for this development licence application went from 31 March until 21 April 2022. No submissions were received during this period.

Request for information issued

On 10 March 2022, EPA issued the applicant with a Request for Further Information (RFI) under section 50(3) of the Environment Protection Act 2017.

The statutory clock or time limit for making a decision on the development licence application is paused from the date the RFI is issued until EPA receives a response from the applicant.

The RFI is for additional process and technical information.

Supporting documents

You can view the development licence application and supporting documentation below.

Development licence application



  • 22 December 2021
    • Application received.
  • 17 February 2022
    • Application accepted.
  • 10 March 2022
    • Request for information issued - statutory clock paused.
  • 31 March 2022
    • Public submissions open.
  • 21 April 2022
    • Public submissions closed.
  • Early September 2022
    • EPA makes a decision on the development licence application.

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Reviewed 9 May 2022