Applicant: SONAC Australia Pty Ltd
Activity site: 281 Maryborough–Dunolly Road, Maryborough, VIC 3465
Application number: APP002180
Sonac Australia Pty Ltd have applied for a development licence to install a new wastewater treatment plant and a box dryer to increase the processing capacity at their existing rendering facility.

What does the application propose?

Sonac Australia Pty Ltd (Sonac) operates an animal blood processing facility at 281 Maryborough–Dunolly Road, Maryborough, VIC 3465, situated in the Central Goldfields Shire Council area. The facility processes fresh animal blood sourced from abattoirs which is preserved before being transported for further processing offsite.

Sonac have applied for a development licence for a new wastewater treatment plant and box dryer at the existing rendering facility. The wastewater treatment plant will treat an average of 13kL/hr, with the upgrade to the wastewater treatment facilities enabling an increase in production capacity, with recycled water to be produced for reuse onsite and discharge to trade waste. The proposal is stage one of a projected two stage upgrade.

A planning permit has been submitted for approval to Central Goldfields Shire Council (Permit D116/21). The application was formally accepted on 11 February 2022.

The full application can be found in the Supporting documents section of this page.

Latest updates

EPA decision

On 19 December 2022, we issued a development licence to Sonac under section 69(1)(a) of the Environment Protection Act 2018 (the Act). The development licence is subject to conditions. Sonac proposes to proceed in a way that meets environmental standards.

EPA assessed the application against all requirements under section 69(3) of the Act. We focused on impacts to:

  • air,
  • land and groundwater,
  • surface water, 
  • as well as potential noise and odour concerns.

The proposed controls will mitigate the risk of noise and odour impacts.

The applicant will address potential surface water issues through:

  • a stormwater management design and
  • regular monitoring of brine lagoon water levels.

This will prevent wastewater overflow affecting surroundings and minimise harm to groundwater.

VCAT appeals

If you object to the issuing of the Development Licence or its conditions, you may have the decision reviewed at VCAT by applying in writing within 15 business days of the date of issue to:

Registrar, Planning and Environment Division

Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT)

7th Floor, 55 King Street, Melbourne

You may have to pay an application fee when lodging an appeal with VCAT. Contact VCAT on 03 9628 9777 for further details on fees associated with an appeal.

You should send a copy of the appeal, within seven days of lodgement, to:

Manager, Development Assessments Unit

Environment Protection Authority Victoria

GPO Box 4395, Melbourne 3001

Request for further information response received

On 4 April 2022, EPA issued the applicant a Request for Further Information (RFI) under section 50(3) of the Act.

On 6 October 2022, the applicant responded to EPA’s request. You can view the response in the 'Supporting documents' section on this page.

Request for further information issued

On 4 April 2022, EPA issued the applicant with a Request for Further Information (RFI) under section 50(3) of the Act.

The statutory clock or time limit for EPA’s decision on the development licence application pauses from the date we issue the RFI until, we receive a response.

The RFI requires the applicant to provide a formal response to the following matters:

  • Noise sources and proposed controls
  • Odour sources and proposed controls
  • Address the risk of airborne particles from the proposed activity

A copy of the request is available in the 'Supporting documents' section on this page.

Submissions close

The public submission and comment period for this development licence application went from 25 March until 15 April 2022. No submissions were received during this period.

Next steps

EPA will finalise its assessment of the development licence application and will either issue a development licence subject to conditions or refuse to issue a development licence. EPA’s final decision will be published on this page.

For an update of the decision timeline please see the Timeline section of this page below.

Supporting documents

You can view the development licence application and supporting documentation below.

EPA decision

Development licence application


Request for further information responses


  • 10 November 2021     
    • Application received.
  • 23 February 2022
    • Application accepted.
  • 25 March 2022
    • Public submissions open.
  • 15 April 2022     
    • Public submissions close.
  • 19 December 2022
    • EPA issued a development licence to Sonac Pty Ltd.

Make a submission

The submission period for this development licence application is now closed.

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EPA is committed to protecting the personal information it collects in carrying out its regulatory functions in accordance with its Privacy Policy and the Victorian Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014. The submission you provide to EPA will be used to identify community concerns regarding an application for a development licence.

Your submission will be de-identified and provided to the applicant to give the applicant an opportunity to address the concerns raised. EPA will then complete its assessment of the application, considering all the submissions it has received and any applicant responses. Your de-identified submission will also be made available on this website.

To protect the privacy of individuals, EPA will remove personal information (for example, name and contact details) from the submissions it receives. Personal information will be retained by EPA so that it may contact you to clarify your submission if necessary or to provide you with updates regarding EPA’s assessment. If you do not wish to be identified, please ensure there is no other information in your submission that could identify you or other individuals.

Please note, if all requested information is not provided, we will not be able to process your submission. If you do not provide your e-mail address, we will not be able to identify your submission, should you wish to access it, make a correction, or require technical support.

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Reviewed 21 March 2023