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EPA manages forms, permits and processes that help:

  • minimise your business’s impact on the environment
  • prevent harm to human health.

Forms and permits include:

  • Environmental auditing forms – these can help you use the environmental audit system. The system helps to find out the condition of a site and its suitability for use.
  • Waste transportation forms – applying for a vehicle permit to transport certain types of waste.
  • Remedial notice forms – you may get a remedial notice to change the way your business operates or to clean up a worksite.
  • Other forms – these include halon fire suppression and extinguisher forms, research and development forms and the accredited licensee application.

Processes include:

  • Have your remedial notice reviewed – if EPA issues you with a notice to stop or clean up pollution, you can ask for it to be reviewed. You have seven days from when you receive the notice.
  • Landfill levy lodgement – submitting a quarterly landfill levy statement to record the amount of waste collected.
  • Prescribed industrial waste database – use this database to find businesses that can correctly treat, dispose of and transport waste.

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Reviewed 4 November 2019