Preliminary risk screen assessments (PRSA) and environmental audits are part of our environmental laws. Combined with the appointment of environmental auditors they form the environmental audit system.

A PRSA is the process used to assess a site for potential contamination. It considers a site’s existing or proposed future use. It is often used along with the planning system.

Environmental audits look at site conditions and activities to assess potential risks. This may be because there is a proposed change in the use of a site. Or it could be to consider an issue that might exist at an industrial facility. Risks include harm to human health or the environment from:

  • contaminated land
  • waste
  • pollution
  • an activity.

Planning or responsible authorities, government agencies and industry use environmental audits. Sometimes community members also use environmental audits when building or renovating. This helps them understand the condition of a site and its suitability for use.

EPA publishes completed PRSAs and environmental audit reports on the website.

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Reviewed 3 July 2023