Stormwater is water that runs off surfaces into drains. When it carries pollutants like litter, sediment and oil, it can pollute our waterways.

Local and environmental laws say businesses and industry must make sure their sites and activities don’t pollute stormwater.

We provide resources for businesses and industry to help reduce stormwater pollution.

Resources for reducing stormwater pollution

What is stormwater pollution? (publication 976)

Liquid storage and handling guidelines (publication 1698)

Reducing stormwater pollution:

Planning, designing and managing land

Urban stormwater best practice environmental management guidelines (BPEM)

Stormwater and councils

Stormwater and clause 56 of the Victoria Planning Provisions

Water sensitive urban design (publication 989)

Automotive industry

Stormwater management for the car repair industry (publication 1333)

Reducing stormwater pollution:

Construction, painting, gardeners, home maintenance and tradespeople

Building sites and stormwater

Reducing stormwater pollution:

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Reviewed 3 November 2022