Sediment from building sites can pollute the stormwater that enters our drains. Sediment includes: 

  • soil  
  • sand 
  • gravel  
  • concrete washings. 

Vehicles can carry mud from building sites onto roads, which rain washes into the stormwater system. Rain and storms can also wash oils, paints and chemicals into the stormwater system. 

You must make sure stormwater from your building site isn’t polluted. 

There are penalties for polluting stormwater. Before starting work, check local council laws about stormwater pollution. 

Ways to prevent stormwater pollution on your building site

  • Include stormwater pollution in your site management plan. 
  • Stop erosion and sediment escaping your building site. 
  • Protect stockpiles of sand, gravel, topsoil and mulch. Store them on site, and never on footpaths or roads. 
  • Keep mud off the road and site, and keep litter contained. 
  • Clean and wash up on site after painting, plastering and concreting. Make sure your wash up area is far from stormwater drains. 

More help for preventing building site stormwater pollution 

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Reviewed 9 December 2021