Operating licences are our permissions tool for high-risk activities. There are 48 types of prescribed operating activities which require an operating licence under Schedule 1 of the Environment Protection Regulations 2021.

Each operating licence has standard conditions outlining the legal obligations of the licence holder. They set up a framework for risk management, record keeping and reporting.

In addition to standard conditions we might also determine that the operating licence needs site-specific conditions. They can include:

  • Discharge conditions, such as discharge limits for air emissions or water discharges.
  • Waste acceptance conditions, which set the maximum concentration of contaminants in waste that can be accepted or treated at the activity site.
  • Other conditions that are required to ensure that certain practices are occurring at the activity site.

Waste treatment, disposal, transport and recycling

Primary industry and allied operations

Extractive industry and mining

Animal-derived by-products and food


Wood and wood derivatives

Chemicals including petroleum

Non-metallic minerals

Metals and engineering


J01 - Printing

This operating licence is required for printing, where more than 100 kilograms per day of volatile organic compounds are emitted.

Find out more about the conditions that may be attached to a J01 operating licence.