If you are applying for a registration, your activity is low to moderate risk. For example, dry cleaning or the temporary storage of some designated waste types.

Apply for a registration

You can apply for a registration through the EPA portal from 1 July 2021.

The following information will guide you through the process of applying for a registration online.

Completing your application

When you apply for a new registration online, you’ll find a helpful navigation tool, ‘Steps’, in the left-hand of the screen. This provides a step-by-step map of the question topics, from start to finish. It also tracks your progress as you move through the application form by ticking off your completed sections.

To start your new registration application, select from the menu at the top of the screen or from the ‘Apply for a permission’ section on the page.

1. Application type

Once you’re in the online application, the first step is to select your application type. From the two dropdown menus provided, select:

  • ‘new’
  • ‘registration’ for the permission type.

2. Applicant details

Here, you need to identify the permission holder. Provide your:

  • personal details (if you are applying as an individual, you only need to complete this field)
  • company’s details, including ABN and ACN.

3. Scheduled permission activity

In the dropdown menus provided, select your:

  • ‘activity’ category – for example, waste treatment, disposal, transport and recycling
  • ‘scheduled’ category – this defines your activity further and provides the related registration activity code.

For a list of the registration activities, see Types of registrations.

Next, provide a simple description of your activity in your own words (1000-word limit).

Lastly, identify where your scheduled activity is occurring. Select either the ‘fixed’ or ‘mobile’ location option for where your activity occurs.

4. Add a location for your fixed activity

If your activity is a fixed location, select:

  • the ‘add a location’ button; and
  • your location, either on the map or by typing into the search box in the map.

Note: After selecting your location, you can add additional details (for example, your shop number if you are in a shopping centre) in the unstructured address field.

5. Waste information

If you are applying for a waste-related registration, select the appropriate waste codes and associated amounts, forms and disposal categories from the drop-down menu.

6. Registration and vehicle details

If you are applying for a waste transport registration, you will need to provide details about your vehicle.

If you are applying for another type of registration (for example, dry cleaning) leave this section blank.

7. Declarations

Here, you need to declare:

8. Submit your application

When you submit your application, you will receive a confirmation we’ve received it. We suggest you make note of the application identification number, in case you need to contact us about your application.

Assessment process

If your online application meets our requirements, we approve and issue your registration immediately. Your new registration will contain conditions you must comply with. For further information about registration conditions, see Types of registrations.

If your application is unsuccessful, it may be because we need additional information. We will contact you if this is the case.

Amendment or transfer of a registration

Registrations cannot be amended or transferred. If you need to update your details, or change any waste codes relevant to your registration activity, you will need to:

  1. Apply for a new registration through the EPA Portal for the same activity. Be sure to include all new details, including all waste codes (if applicable) you seek to have on your registration.
  2. If your online application meets our requirements, we approve and issue your registration once payment is received and processed, usually in one business day.
  3. Once the new registration is issued to you, the permission holder of the old registration being replaced by this new registration must email permissions@epa.vic.gov.au requesting it is cancelled (revoked) by EPA. Provide your Registration ID in this email. This application will then be processed by EPA under section 59(9) of the Act.

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Reviewed 9 December 2021