Residents living near the Melbourne Regional Landfill in Ravenhall have reported strong odours coming from the site. 

Cleanaway has owned the Ravenhall landfill since 2015. It has an EPA licence to accept: 

  • household waste 
  • putrescible waste 
  • commercial and industrial waste 
  • construction and demolition waste 
  • low level contaminated soil 
  • green garden waste 
  • clean fill.

EPA has been monitoring odour in the area since 2013. We focus on preventing odour. We regularly check the landfill’s operations for compliance. The landfill is generally well managed, but we'll continue to monitor it.

If you experience ongoing, strong odour in the area:

When you report the odour, please try to describe the what it smells like. Also, note the weather conditions, particularly the wind strength and direction.

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Reviewed 20 April 2023