About Melbourne’s air quality

Generally, air pollution levels vary from year to year because of weather changes. Since EPA began measuring Melbourne’s air quality in 1973, it’s continued to improve. Improvements and air quality can also vary from suburb to suburb due to local pollution sources.

Emissions controls on vehicles and industry have led to improved air quality in Melbourne. Removal of lead from petrol has meant reduced lead in the environment. Carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide levels in the air have also fallen over the past 30 years. 

PM2.5 and PM10 particles in Melbourne’s air are the major air pollutants EPA’s now working to reduce. We’re also working to reduce the level of a dangerous form of ozone in the air

What forms Melbourne’s air pollution takes

Melbourne has three major forms of air pollution: 

How you can help reduce air pollution

We have information to help you: 

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Air pollution: A summary of the state of knowledge (publication 1709)

Reviewed 17 September 2020