Smoke from wood heaters and fireplaces can pollute the air. This can be harmful to our health.  

Buying the right wood heater, using it correctly and maintaining it well can reduce wood smoke pollution.  

If you’re concerned about smoke from a neighbour’s wood heater, try to talk to them first. You can report wood smoke pollution to your local council.

The impact of wood smoke on our environment 

Wood heaters and open fireplaces contribute significantly to air pollution in Victoria. We measure air quality in different parts of the state. Check air quality in your area.

The Australian Government gives more information on wood heaters and wood smoke

The impact of wood smoke on our health 

Air pollution can be harmful to our health. Some people are more sensitive  to wood smoke, including:

  • those with heart or lung conditions such as asthma 
  • those with diabetes 
  • pregnant women
  • babies and young children
  • smokers
  • those aged 65 or over. 

Smoke and your health has tips on looking after your health when there is smoke. 

EPA advice on wood heaters and smoke

To help minimise the impact of smoke on your health see:

Read more about wood smoke 


Reviewed 24 May 2023