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Environmental public health means the ways the environment can impact people’s health. This includes past, present and potential pollution and waste.

EPA is responsible for environmental public health in Victoria:

  • We give advice about environmental public health risks.
  • We help people access complex scientific information about environmental public health.
  • We respond to health queries about pollution and waste.

Some environmental public health issues EPA deals with include:

  • the effects of airborne dust
  • contaminated land
  • smoke and air quality
  • asbestos
  • use of recreational waters (Beach Report, Yarra Watch).

EPA also gives advice to environmental health experts, including to councils overseeing the cleanup of premises used as illegal drug labs.

We don’t provide information about human diseases and other health matters. That is the role of the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS).

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Reviewed 8 November 2019