Indoor and outdoor entertainment venues and outdoor entertainment events must follow rules about music noise.

What is music noise

Music noise includes music and other sounds, like singing or performing that is heard at a residence, another place where people live or sleep, school or child care centres. Music noise can include:

  • live or recorded music
  • voices, including the audience singing and announcements associated with the music
  • other amplified sounds and sound effects that happen with music.

Music noise can impact some people’s health and wellbeing, especially when it affects the ability to sleep, or to undertake normal activities at home.

Rules for indoor and outdoor events and venues

Find out more about the music noise rules for indoor and outdoor entertainment events and venues.

Resolving music noise issues

Where the music noise level is more than the noise limit, we can require venue managers to:

  • take steps to reduce noise to, or below the noise limit
  • monitor the noise
  • take any other action to comply with the requirements.

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Reviewed 21 December 2021