The best way to reduce stormwater pollution is to stop it getting into the system in the first place. If you stop pollutants from reaching your local drains, you can improve our creeks, rivers and bays.

Tips to reduce stormwater pollution:

  • Wash your car on the grass or at a car wash that recycles the water.  
  • Make sure your car isn’t leaking any fluids. 
  • Compost your leaves and garden clippings to stop them going into drains.
  • Always put your litter in a bin.
  • Sweep the footpath and put waste into a bin rather than using a hose. 
  • Clean paint brushes in a sink so it doesn’t contaminate stormwater.
  • Clean up after your animals.
  • Avoid using weed-killers when it’s going to rain or be windy.
  • Use native plants in your garden as they don’t need as much water or fertiliser.

If you’re a business, we provide industry information on reducing stormwater pollution

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Reviewed 25 October 2021