Our Environmental Science Series explores topics that affect everyday Victorians.

Guest speakers provide insights into different environmental and public health issues. The free talks focus on applied science and how it is or can be used to reduce the impact of these issues.

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Upcoming events

Register for our upcoming Environmental Science Series: Pollution and emergency response using science - EPA Victoria's approach

Hosted by Professor Mark Patrick Taylor, Chief Environmental Scientist, Environment Protection Authority Victoria, the event will be held online, 10am 29 May 2024 

Past events

Launch of our GardenSafe program Environmental Science Series: GardenSafe [video], EPA Victoria, YouTube, 29 Sept 2022.

The Environment Protection Act in action: One year on

Environmental Science Series:  Microplastics: Knowledge, measures and solutions

Effects of pharmaceuticals in aquatic environments – bridging the gap between lab and field

How climate change affects environmental public health

Improving urban water quality

Using citizen science to understand the environment

Sound-thinking for a quieter environment – managing noise around us

Antimicrobial resistance outside the hospital walls

Behavioural change: building a culture of environmental protection

Changing the conversation of odour management

Electricity generation: changing for the future

Green chemistry: the missing element

PFAS exposure, bioaccumulation and associations with health effects

The vulnerability of children to environmental exposures

Reviewed 20 May 2024