Annual Delivery Plan 2023-24

This Annual Delivery Plan has been developed with organisation-wide input. It includes insights from communities, governments and industry, and draws on our science, data and intelligence. It ensures we’re meeting our own legislative requirements. We’re allocating our resources to where we’ll have the greatest impact, and that we’re prioritising the health, safety and wellbeing of our staff, including by having the right level of ambition in our program of work.

As we enter the second year of delivering our 5-year strategic plan we’ve updated our annual objectives that help us to achieve the outcomes we want to see. For 2023-24, our objectives  are to:

  • Cause Victorians to act to prevent harm to human health and the environment
  • Target priority risks of harm to make the biggest difference for our community
  • Enhance climate action to reduce emissions and improve resilience
  • Strengthen culture and capability to achieve organisational excellence.

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Annual Delivery Plan 2022-23

It was the first year we delivered our new 5-year strategic plan. Our Strategic Plan 2022-27 identified the outcomes we want to see over the period:

  • our environment is cleaner and communities are healthier
  • all Victorians reduce their environmental risks
  • we have impact and influence.

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Reviewed 13 July 2023